Baby Einstein DVD World Animals

Baby Einstein DVD World Animals

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Recommended for babies from 1 year & up.

* Discover animals from the jungle, savannah and ocean !

* Hosted by Baby Einstein Puppet Jane the Monkey !

* Complimented by World Animal Discovery Cards and books

* Languages : English, Italian

* Appropriate from 1 year to 4 years

The Baby Einstein World Animals DVD take your child on a trip around the world to introduce them to the fascinating animal kingdom. Utilizing the unique features of DVD, World Animals creates a multi-sensory experience and is an engaging resource for parents, infants and toddlers. The World Animals DVD features three activity centers : The Home Theatre, The Concert Hall and the Animal Discovery Cards. The World Animals DVD has a total running time of 71 minutes and is coded for Australia and New Zealand.

The Baby Einstein World Animals DVDs are organized for easy navigation. Programming maps and chapter indices are provided in the Printable Parents Guide.

The Home Theatre The Baby Einstein World Animals DVD gives children the opportunity to explore animals in their natural habitats. World Animals features puppet host Jane the Monkey who leads children on a delightful visual field trips to meet animals found in the jungle, on a savannah, or in the ocean. Baby Einstein's World Animals DVD teaches animals and Earth ecosystems with images and classical music, allowing you to interact with your child in a variety of ways. Concert Hall Charming listening experiences await you and your child in the World Animals Concert Hall. Baby Einstein's World Animals features some of the world's most interesting music of the 19th and 20th centuries, including pieces by Beethoven, Smetana, Grieg, Mendelssohn and Dvorak. Animal Discovery Cards Interactive Discovery Cards are a first of its kind application for DVD technology. Baby Einstein's Animal Discovery Cards have been recreated here in video still frames. Parents and children can 'step' through the 29 visuals, identifying animals, labeling the pictures with written vocabulary words, and listening to the natural sounds made by the animals. Two viewing modes 'Learn the Animal and Guess the Animal' make the learning challenge fun. Resources All Baby Einstein DVDs feature a variety of toys from other manufacturers. The Baby Einstein Company does not sell these items. World Animals DVD Features * World Animals DVD * Classic Animals Concert * Learn the Animal Interactive Discovery Cards * Guess the Animal Interactive Discovery Cards * Puppet Shows * Newton Toy Chest Musical Selections * Contradance No. 4, Beethoven * The Bartered Bride, Overture, Smetana * Contradance No. 5, Beethoven * Symphony No. 4, Italian, Mendelssohn * Peer gynt Suite, Anitra's Dance, Grieg * The Bartered Bride, Skocna, Smetana * The Bartered Bride, Furiant, Smetana * The Bartered Bride, Polka, Smetana * The Moldau, Smetana * Symphony No. 9, From the New World, Dvorak * Peer Gynt Suite, Hall of the Mountain King, Grieg * Peer Gynt Suite, Arabian Dance, Grieg * Medley, Smetana Words Featured in the Animal Interactive Discovery Cards * Cat * Dog * Mouse * Cow * Horse * Pig * Otter * Duck * Frog * Ladybug * Spider * Bee * Caterpillar * Dragonfly * Butterfly * Rabbit * Bird * Lion * Elephant * Giraffe * Bear * Squirrel * Fox * Dolphin * Reef Fish * Sea Turtle * Monkey * Tiger * Tropical Bird Baby Einstein products are restricted to Australian Customers Only.