How to fix twisted straps (without loosing your mind)!

Untwist your car seat straps in seconds with this quick tip!

A flat shoulder strap spreads the load of an accident evenly across the point of contact with your child. This reduces the forces applied to their shoulders and chest.

A twisted shoulder strap concentrates those forces over a smaller area . This increases the stress applied to your child’s shoulders and chest, which can cause injury. Think about how painful a heavy plastic shopping bag can be on your hand - it's the same kind of thing.

How to Straighten Twisted Straps

Start by unwinding as much of the twist as possible. If you're left with a half twist that you can't remove by further untwisting, use the 'triangle trick';

How to Minimise Strap Twisting

You can do a few things on a day to day basis to help minimise how often you have to deal with twists;

  • Fasten the harness when not in use.
  • Straighten the harness each time you use it, even if there's only a half twist.
  • Don't let your children put on / take off their straps if they're not able to keep them straight.

Twisted straps can be extremely frustrating, uncomfortable, and potentially dangerous - so let's do our best to keep them straight!