Price Match Policy

We know that sometimes other retailers in our industry offer the same products at lower prices while they are on sale or having a promotion, we don’t want you to miss out so we are happy to match their price on an identical stocked item*.

Item must:

  • be identical in Brand, Model, Colour, Design, etc.
  • be in stock at both retailers at time of purchase
  • be available for review on retailer’s website or in a current catalogue
  • be a regularly stocked item at Buy for Baby
  • be in original packaging and not floor or demonstration stock
  • be available for purchase from the supplier (e.g. item is not discontinued)
  • be price matched at time of purchase

Retailer must:

  • be based in Western Australia
  • be a “Baby Industry” store (e.g. no pharmacies or department stores)
  • not be an online-only store
  • Outside Busselton area any freight charges will be added to the matched price. 
  • We do not match liquidations, auction sites, discontinued items, clearances and sell-outs. 
  • No further discounts, VIP pricing or benefits will apply to price match purchases. 
  • We do not match other price match policies nor individual or verbal quotes. 
  • Excludes advertising errors (either ours or competitors).

These conditions may be subject to change and applied at the discretion of Buy for Baby. We reserve the right to refuse a price match request.